Rules & Regulations


Sure, no one is crazy about having an organization dictate what they can and can’t do with their property.  But, as an owner, you agreed to abide by the rules when you bought into the community.Therefore, it is up to all of us to keep our community clean, safe, and in good condition, because that benefits all of us physically, aesthetically, and financially.

Boats, RV, Camper, Trailer

No commercial vehicle with a load capacity exceeding three quarter (3/4) ton in weight, nor any boat, trailer, camper, camper shell, recreational vehicle or home, bus, personal watercraft may be parked or stored on any lot, street or parking area unless in a garage or other structure approved by the Association hidden from public view.

External Wiring

Other than an antenna which does not exceed one meter in diameter, no Owner, resident or lessee shall install wiring for electrical or telephone installation, television antennae, machines or air conditioning units, etc. on the exterior of any building or structure or in a way that causes same to protrude through the walls or the roof of any building or structure except as authorized in writing by the Association. Permitted antennas shall not be located in the front yard of any Lot unless no other location on the Lot will receive an adequate signal. Reference: Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions: Article VII, Section 6

Garage Yard Sales

According to the James City County website, a resident may have 2 garage or yard sales per calendar year. Permits are not required. However, it's important to note that Scott's Pond has at least one community wide garage sale every year, typically in the spring.


Pools will be considered by the Architectural Review Committee with the submission of an Architectural. Reviews Request Form, plans and specifications including hard surfacing and fences, a site-plan showing the location of the pool on the property, and James City County approval.

Inoperative/Unregistered Vehicles

Neither inoperative or unlicensed cars, trucks or other vehicles, nor commercial vehicles, boats, motor homes or recreational vehicles shall be parked or stored on streets or parking areas. Reference: Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions: Article VII, Section 7 Also see James City County Ordinance Sec. 24-37. - Keeping of inoperative vehicles in residential or commercial districts.

Irrigation & Lawn Watering

Any irrigation system for outside watering installed on any Lot must be constructed, used and maintained such that:

  1. No more than one (1) zone par Lot may be in use it any one time.
  2. Each zone must never deliver waters at rate in excess of five (5) gallons per minute.
  3. Outside watering is limited to:
Even number street addresses: Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday Odd number street addresses: Wednesday/Friday/Sunday No watering on Mondays

Leasing/Rental Units

The respective Lots shall not be rented by the Owners thereof for a term of less than one (1) year. Other than the foregoing obligations, the Owners of the respective Lots shall have the absolute right to lease same provided that every tenancy is evidenced by a written lease which expressly obligates the tenant to abide by these restrictions, the By-Laws of the Association and any rules that may be promulgated by the Association and which expressly acknowledges the right of the Association to enforce these restrictions, its By-Laws and rules and regulations against the tenant. Each Owner shall furnish to the Association a copy of any lease in effect for his or her Lot. Reference: Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions: Article VII, Section 8

Livestock & Pets

The maintenance, keeping, boarding or raising of animals, livestock, poultry or reptiles of any kind, regardless of number, is prohibited on any Lot or upon the Common Area. The keeping of service animals and orderly domestic pets (e.g., dogs, cats or caged birds) is permitted, subject to the Rules and Regulations adopted by the Board of Directors. Pets may not be kept or maintained for commercial purposes or for breeding under any circumstances. Any pet causing or creating a nuisance or unreasonable disturbance or noise must be permanently removed from the Submitted Land upon ten (10) days’ written notice from the Board of Directors. Pets shall not be permitted upon the Common Area unless accompanied by someone who can control the pet and unless carried or leashed. Pet droppings shall be cleaned up by the Owner of the pet. Any Owner who keeps or maintains any pet upon any portion of the Submitted Land shall be deemed to have indemnified and agreed to hold the Association, each Owner and the Declarant free and harmless from any loss, claim or liability of any kind or character whatever arising by reason of keeping or maintaining such pet within the Submitted Land. All pets shall be registered and inoculated as required by law. Reference: Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions: Article VII, Section 9


Mailbox posts should be 4x4 pressure treated wood with a black classic steel or rural poly mailbox.

Open Airing of Laundry

There shall be no out door open airing or drying of any clothing, bed linens, blankets, rugs, etc. on the submitted land. Reference: Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions: Article VII, Section 2

Property Modifications Approval

To maintain consistent aesthetics of the neighborhood, SPCA requires you submit all plans for modifications to your property in writing. Examples may be, but are not limited to: sheds, mailboxes, changing siding/shutter/door colors, additions, decks, patios, porches, fences, exterior wiring, satellite dish etc. Please visit the Architectural Reviel page of this site for more details.

Singel-Family Dwelling

Each lot shall be used exclusively for residential purposes and no building shall be erected, altered, placed or permitted to remain thereon other than one single-family dwelling. Reference: Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions: Article VII, Section 1

Trash Receptacles

Trash receptacles should be kept out of public view from any street within the property except on regularly scheduled days for trash pick up.

Yard Maintenance & Rubbish

No Lot shall be used or maintained as a dumping ground for rubbish or scrap. Trash, garbage or other waste shall not be kept on any of the Submitted Land except in covered sanitary containers. All incinerators or other equipment for the storage or disposal of such material shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition. Each Owner shall maintain the exterior of any buildings, as well as any landscaping features on his or her Lot in neat and orderly condition, including, but not limited to, trimming shrubbery and mowing lawns.
Reference: Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions: Article VII, Section 5