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Architectural Review

To maintain consistent aesthetics of the neighborhood, SPCA requires you submit all plans for modifications to your property in writing. Examples may be, but are not limited to: sheds, mailboxes, changing siding/shutter/door, exterior colors, additions, decks, patios, porches, fences, exterior wiring, satellite dish, solor panels, driveways, etc.

Paint Supplies

Please follow the below instructions to submit an Architectural Application for approval.

  1. Prior to arranging for any work please review the Architectural Standards document below.

  2. Download and complete the ARC Application below.

    • Please be sure to attach pictures of the change (paint color, fence style, shed, siding type, etc).

    • Please be sure to attach a sketch, photo, or marking of some sort indicating where the change on your property is to take place (not necessary for siding, shutters, doors, and mailboxes).

  3. Click the EMAIL APP button to attach and send it to Property Management.

  4. Please allow 30 days for approval. The property management will notify you of approval, denial, or the need for more information. 

Permits and compliance with all county codes and ordinances is the responsibility of the homeowner. Approval by the board does not mean it will or should be approved by the county.

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